Why are Reels so viral

Instagram Reels are short, dynamic, funny videos up to 60 seconds with various special effects. They’re normally flipped vertically, with one finger, just like in the TikTok type. Instagram pays a lot of attention to the Reels format and desperately pushes them forward in “Explore”. 

You will learn how to use reels on Instagram what it is and what exactly you need to know to take off.

Why are Reels so viral?

Instagram Reels videos took the lead against the background of the rest of the content because people were too lazy to read a lot. And also because it is a format that requires preparation, script, and creativity.

And creativity in this format, by the way, should be very, very strong.   

How do they create viral Instagram Reels?

There are 2 main vectors of Reels content creation:

  • Popular trends. Track the “Recommended”, watch TikTok more often (this social network remains a trendsetter), and look into competitors. Copying 1 in 1 is bad, repeating the idea in your interpretation is ideal, because this is the secret to the format’s popularity.
  • Exclusive unique content. In this direction, the main thing is the lack of expectations and constant experiments. A video with a very complex installation can collect 100 views, and a video shot in 30 seconds – 100,000. It is important to test and monitor what causes a response and what does not.

By the way: we recommend a 50/50 strategy, in which you can use both directions in equal proportions. And one more little tip: upload Reels every day, you can also have 2-3 videos. As in TikTok, regularity and regularity are critical here. 

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promoting on Instagram with Reel

How to select hashtags for Reels on Instagram in 2022

The rules for selecting hashtags for Instagram Reels are similar to the selection of tags for publications:

  • select hashtags that accurately reflect what is happening in the video;
  • add hashtags from Hashtag Generator to promote Reels that catch your audience, even if they are not directly related to the video;
  • use both high-frequency, the most popular hashtags for Instagram Reels, and niche ones in each video.

hashtags for Reels on Instagram in 2022

Note: How many hashtags to use for Reels? Someone can use 10, and someone can use all 30 hashtags, it’s not particularly important. The main thing is to choose the right hashtags that are most effective for your Instagram blog. 

But it is significant to note that there are no statistics on hashtags in Reels, and no one will 100% tell you that they came because of hashtags or because you got into a trend – they picked up the music that is now going viral.

Most popular Reels trend for 2023

The most viral Reels shows a beautiful hedonism: videos showing the enjoyment of life are the trend of Instagram Reels.

Reels on Instagram in 2022

Instagram is a social network for aesthetes. They love everything beautiful and attractive here, including videos that show the enjoyment of life. It doesn’t matter at all what it will be, the view from a chic hotel room or the aesthetic eating of pancakes at breakfast, such content will definitely get a response.

If you have a problem with an Instagram promotion or you just want more customers, subscribers, and partners, but you don’t want to promote for a fee, then this viral Instagram trend is for you.

Why Reels can make your Instagram engagement huge?

  1. Reels are the most dynamic format. The brain automatically considers cheerful music a call to action.
  2. It is a new format. Everyone wants to evaluate the creative to the end, they say, well, show what you are capable of.
  3. Videos are harder to photoshop. And now there is a powerful trend for naturalness. And therefore, you either immediately arouse the loyalty and trust of the audience, or – a sharp negative and rejection. The second ones fall off immediately, and the first ones follow you.
  4. Reels have a free promotion. Unlike the same YouTube, neither TikTok nor Reels require a budget to promote in the “Explore”
  5. Cheap or free preparation and process. You don’t need any complicated and expensive equipment either: just a smartphone with an excellent camera is enough.

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