Adult Swim on TikTok

If you watch the latest clips on TikTok and don’t get what the two letters [AS] mean, we have good news for you – maybe you are too young. 

The fact is that this challenge is absolutely understandable to those who in the 2000s already watched television programs, especially cartoons for adults. 

By the way, you can download any TikTok without a watermark if you need to share it. 

AS means Adult Swim on TikTok

The fact is that it is the legendary producer of favorite animated series famous for slightly vulgar jokes. For example, one such series is Rick & Morty and the Griffins. As you know, children are not allowed to watch such cartoons and this makes them even more popular with adults.

AS means Adult Swim on TikTok

Where did this trend come from and what does it mean? In fact, it also proves the nostalgia for 2000 and refers to the culture of past years. When past generations were teens in the 2000s they saw these movies, and some of them do now. 

That’s why the trend was so easily set in the community. It was started by a user who made a sample on a famous track. And the trend has become viral and lists about 7.5B views. 

what does as mean on tiktok

Users quickly picked up this [AS] nostalgia and tried to use it and apply creative ideas to various videos. At the same time, your imagination may fail. 

How can you apply these two letters to your video so that they look relevant? How to hop into the FYP and get to the top of this hashtag? Next, we will give three examples, including a video of the trendsetter. You will understand that absolutely any idea – from food to pets can organically fit this trend and you can use the viral hashtag to appear at the top.

Examples of what does [as] mean on TikTok

@celenabrownie Adult swim challenge: plant edition🤣 #adultswimchallenge #as #adultswim #plants ♬ Running Away – VANO 3000 & BADBADNOTGOOD & Samuel T. Herring

This creator is a unique and great example of how small businesses can use trends to advance their sales. In order to be displayed in the recommended section, she created a clip that is directly related to her product and demonstrates her product. Going to the profile, we see that the girl is a flower seller. And TikToks in her profile is dedicated to flowers. Including the trendy AS clip – it is adapted to the theme. 

You can watch this clip and at the end you will see the AS logo. The very brand that everyone wants to see now on TikTok, almost anywhere. 

@cookiterica T[AS]TY S’MORES #adultswim #adultswimchallenge #smores #blackstonegriddle #foodtok ♬ Running Away – VANO 3000 & BADBADNOTGOOD & Samuel T. Herring

This is another good example of how a trend can be adapted to absolutely any topic. That account belongs to a food blogger. And on this profile you can see many clips with 10 seconds recipes. How could AS fit here? 

But the creator wants to get viral! Having snatched this trend and the aesthetics, she created a clip in which the recognizable music track and the logo are used. Therefore, there are great chances of getting a lot of views just by using organic hashtags directly on your account.

@clt_vip Realities from Cargo. #TubiTaughtMe #iCarlyAffirmation #adultswim #adultswimchallenge #vibewithus #aviation ♬ Running Away VANO3000 cltvip – Stephen

We reviewed the clip several times and didn’t understand the connection between it and the AS trend. But it’s become viral and likable!  

After all, no logo or references to AS are used here. However, the video itself became so unrealistically cool –  that it got 6.2M views. Well, the truth is exciting because you never know anything about the fate of your suitcases when you check in luggage during a flight at the airport. Therefore, this video has become truly engaging – it shows something unique. And it is a perfect example for you of how you can turn out to be in the recommendations and know the trends.

Just use the right music track and hashtags.

@supvano Summer 2022 [as] 🕊 #vano3000 #adultswim #fyp ♬ VANO 3000 – VANO 3000

It’s funny that this video was posted by the trend creator and the author of the music track scored just over 4K views. Nevertheless, it is also wonderful to see how a person nostalgic for the past times lays out the famous letters on the Lego board. 

As a result, we now know the origins this trend comes from. What is shown in TikToks are official reminders to the target audience  about their childhood. And they feel better! 

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