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After a recent update, the Instagram algorithm has greatly increased hashtags’ role. Now you can drive a lot more people to your account. Perhaps you have seen bloggers’ posts where they insert tags together with keywords separated by commas. It’s actually very smart and helps to adapt posts for keyword-based search. 

The reason for such special attention to keywords is understandable. It’s hidden in the fact that now the hashtags on the Instagram search page are indexed along with each word that is present in the main copy of the publication. 


use Instagram hashtags


Before the search inside the application was working exclusively through locations, usernames, or names. Now all the text that the user adds to the post is also indexed. This means that you must be extremely careful about what kind of text you publish. Because it is the text now according to search engines that can bring you a significant number of views. 

You can find interested users who are looking for exactly the content that you publish. For example, if you are currently in Venice and are blogging about Venetian restaurants and your trip. And people who are planning trip research for similar publications to find out more. They may be searching for “Venice travel”, and so they may find your post at the top of the keyword results. 

If they like your post and what you wrote, then most likely this person will want to read your publications more often and may even follow you. That is, now tags perform important functions that can really help you gain real followers. And this is search optimization and adaptation of your text for search can grow your reach. Use this opportunity in any case! Pick up this trick – together with the allowed 30 tags, simply insert the keywords in the main text of your publication. 


How to cover the maximum number of hashtag synonyms?

You can add even more synonyms so that your post is ranked and found by various queries. 

For example, the main difficulty of such an adaptation of the post is that the hashtag set should contain the maximum number of synonyms. But you don’t know from the start what particular requests you can be found by potential customers, and it can be difficult to predict. 

Therefore, influencers include as many potential search queries as possible. This text has a real chance of getting into the search results. As a result, tag generators can also help you. The function of these tools is precise to give you ideas of the maximum number of synonyms and variations of tags that you could not guess. Also, the Instagram algorithm will not offer you when pasting.


How should you add hashtags for your post to bring the maximum number of followers? 

To do this, I advise you to use professional tools for research.

For example, the Hashtag generator can offer you a variety of ideas. And your task is to include the maximum number of variations on your topic. For example, if you created a post about the aesthetics of the 2000s, which is now viral, you can win a lot of likes. This naturally helps you get promoted through the algorithm. You may not realize that the main synonym for this trend is #y2k. Which also means “the year 2000” which is a direct synonym. 


maximum number of hashtag synonyms


Also, when choosing and compiling a set of tags, we must mix the tags according to their competitiveness. There is a so-called hashtag gallery that has millions of publications. It’s great to add tags to your post because appearing in the gallery gets a lot of views every minute and you can get a decent amount of likes quickly. However, it will be much more difficult to stay at the top of this chart because the competition is high. Therefore, we advise you to also use newer and less popular hashtags that include fewer publications in the galleries. 

They can also be searched for by potential subscribers, but here you will already have much less serious competition. 

All in all, to discover hot trends and, accordingly, the ways to get new followers for which you can become popular on Instagram, we advise you to constantly monitor trends on TikTok. Because this social network dictates the trending topics and many hashtags migrate from TikTok to Instagram.

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