Why does knowing the GRWM meaning help influencers

Have you opened Instagram and noticed how bloggers caption thier videos with only four letters GRWM? This is also a very common trend on TikTok. Basically, this is a local trend that was born on social networks. And if you don’t know what it means, it can be confusing. 

Yes, let’s figure out the meaning of all these secret letters. And here, in fact, everything is simple. This abbreviation stands for:

G – Get

R – ready

W – with 

M – me 

GRWM meaning for viral salesGRWM meaning hashtag gallery

Actually, this is exactly what people who shoot these videos do. They demonstrate by themselves a certain process. For example, what kind of clips they can be: 

  • A makeup tutorial is one of the most common video formats where you can watch a complete tutorial on how influencers do makeup in 12 seconds.

Literally by watching it live people learn every step and most importantly every product they use. 

  • A style guides on TikTok. It’s often common practice on TikTok to play around with a set of clothes. Top life hacks on how you can combine different items and even incompatible items are trending. Therefore, the recommendations often include videos where users assemble a total look in 12 seconds. 

The most important value of such videos for the business is that it’s a unique chance to promote their product. Most often, these are physical products from the beauty industry that sell well on social networks. 

Moreover, without social networks, it will be incredibly difficult to sell them only offline. You may have seen how many products become popular only thanks to video clips on TikTok. 

That is, when bloggers share a GRWM video of how they use a certain product, they literally sell it to the masses. 

The item becomes viral when other users create many similar videos reusing this idea. After that, this product is instantly bought by people on E-commerce sites.

How to boost GRWM video to the Explore / FYP

Now you already know about this great trend and you can use it in your content strategy. Even if you have made such videos before, now you should select hashtags for them more fictitiously. No I’ll tell you how you can use this content format to most effectively promote as an influencer or sell your products. 

#1 Situation – you are boosting a personal brand through GRWM clips.

In case you are an influencer or a growing influencer, you should experiment with this content type. Of course, you want your videos to appear on the Explore section as soon as possible, or get into the recommendations on TikTok. To achieve this, you need to make the most of hashtags, which significantly promote your content to organic recommendations. 

That is, you should routinely insert a set of 30 tags in each post; this will bring you significant results.

As soon you know about a growing trend as GRWM, you can use it when you search for tags through the generator. Since inserting this keyword you will get a lot of relevant ideas that include this word immediately in the hashtag text and variations. 

If you don’t know such trends, then it will be much more difficult for you to predict the best hashtag set.

#2 Situation – you represent a business and want bloggers to shoot GRWM content for you.

Promoting your product through GRWM clips is a great idea for advertising. Because wherever your product is used by people whom your audience trusts, this is evidence of your brand’s positive image. Therefore, to connect with influencers, you should use research and discover a few bloggers who can film such content for you. You should check if the video format is present in the feed or account so that this won’t be a problem for a blogger. 

It’s sometimes more effective to offer cooperation through Direct or even send an e-mail. And often top bloggers respond faster to partnership or barter offers by e-mail. Especially if it’s indicated in the profile header. Such a tool as a User Search can come in handy for outreach and content creation. Because it allows you to parse a whole list of users and the document includes an email column that you can use for a reaching out.

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