Top 10 viral memes 2022 & their deepest meaning

Take note of these viral jokes that were born in 2020 and still remain relevant in 2022. If you are aware of all the trends that are born on Tik Tok and Twitter, you will be able to communicate with the networks’ audience in their language. 

Popular memes

Bomboclaat meme

You can see this phrase on trending Twitter posts. People write this mysterious word and publish visuals below. What does it mean? We’ve figured out how to use this mysterious codeword that is familiar only on Twitter (don’t panic if it is dissonance for you). 

In fact, this expression actually means nothing. It came from the Jamaican language. And the translation can be found just in Urban Dictionary. Even with no meaning, it’s absolutely important for Internet slang.

Bomboclaat meme

I’ll tell you a secret this is actually a curse word. And it’s better for you not to know the truth and meaning of this word. But if you see people posting and tweeting with it, they are literally asking you to caption the picture. 

That is, if you see this tweet, then you can reply with a witty name or headline for what is depicted. Now you definitely won’t get into trouble, use the expression as a true and local Twitter user.

I’m getting ripped tonight 

I'm getting ripped tonight 

It’s a TikTok meme that is literally tearing the internet apart. If you often hear this phrase and do not understand how to use it in your publications, then you need to know where it comes from. You can see examples on TikTok. To use this phrase, people do a dance and actually. This is the line of a Starboi3 song.

Elon Musk Buying Twitter memes

Since Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter ownership, the Internet has become full of memes in this direction. In fact, this is no joke, and now the owner of the social network is Elon Musk! You can support the movement and celebrate the meaningful event for the community. It will help you stay in trend by making funny pictures with the phrase Elon Musk bought Twitter. 

Elon Musk Buying Twitter memes

Look at the cool Memes that Elon Musk is posting to honor this great event.

So far, this is the most active topic that the Twitter community is discussing, so you can get viral if your post is containing this code phrase. Get your likes and reposts now.

The E-boy and E-girl

This is a special TikTok society category. Users who call themselves E-boy or E-gal have certain stylistic and distinguishing marks. They differ from trendy TikTokers. You will not find in their videos a bunch of expensive clothes, jewelry, and cars. Also creating a TikTok house is not their goal. These are ordinary users who look stylish and Gen Z-like. Girls and boys are wearing baggy clothes and have piercings (in a prominent place you can notice). In general, it looks like they don’t care about how they look at all. But it feels stylish nonetheless.

BBL face meme

If you’ve heard a combination of these three letters, you might not guess the roots. In fact, the answer is prosaic – this is the TikTok users’ desire to have a beautiful ass. In reality, these three letters refer to the Brazilian buttock lift. And that is, in the literal sense, this is the name of plastic surgery. 

The E-boy and E-girl

Since not all users want to do liposuction, although it’s advantageous to look brilliant while dancing, such an effect began to be achieved with clothing items. People are trying to find leggings and jeans with a BBL effect. Using this effect in a social network is extremely fashionable. You immediately become cocky and attract the attention of other users. Therefore, consider whether such an image is suitable for your next clips.

Why do they say this in the context of facial expression? Because those who aspire to achieve the BBL effect can be recognized by perfect skin, exemplary, and bright makeup. Be sure to sip on a glam cocktail or smoothy.

It is what it is memes 

The reason this meme went viral is TikTok. But the original content is not so eye-popping. In fact, everyone began to repeat this phrase after a casual video where a group of people just do nothing. And one of them says “it is what it is”, after that all the guys repeat this moto. However, against the societal unrest and the pandemic, people began to accept things as they are. And dedicate posts and content on social networks to this. Therefore, this phrase belongs to a video, surprisingly for the creators became viral. Users repeat it one by one in their posts’ captions.

We are not the same memes

We are not the same memes

This is a joke phrase that makes sarcasm so brilliant that other users instantly want to share it. You can use this meme as a set expression from social networks like Twitter, TikTok, or caption on Instagram. Of course, to use this expression organically, you need to know its meaning. Everything is simple here. You can make sarcastic remarks and add a passphrase afterwards. For example, you can find ideas for using this phrase in the picture.

The girls that get it get it

This meme has boomed in the TikTok community but has already become so popular that Twitter users shamelessly post photos with this phrase. The phrase was born from the audio that went viral on TikTok. This sound is superimposed on clips showcasing makeup tutorials, and cooking branded TikTok pasta with vodka. Therefore, if you sign your posts like that you show them that you really understand what you are doing. That is, you are an expert!.

And your expertise actually improves your life. You get it.

Da vinky

Yes, this meme is consonant with the name of an Italian artist. This is not a coincidence and is in fact a viral joke immediately associated with the artist’s last name. If you have no idea where this phrase came from, then it all started with the fact that a couple of twins published a clip. It was filmed with a quiz effect and they pretended not to know the answers to the questions, which turned out to be very funny for the viewers. When the stupid answer got viral. 

we used to be a country

we used to be a country

And this moment is actually a little sad American meme. Because it’s nostalgic. Because its meaning lies in the fact that the internet community from the US miss the golden times in the 2000s and distribute content from that era. What a great time it was! For example, they associate the time with top Disney cartoons, push-button phones, and Paris Hilton in rhinestones. Now users support this meme and publish photos from childhood thinking that America hasn’t changed for the better.

Stay tuned!

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