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We are not the same memes 

These catchphrases originated on Twitter and you can still use them to be trendy. You can add the phrase “We are not the same” in a post where you compare yourself to someone in a joking way. It sounds like sarcasm and is suitable for an IG caption or tweets. For example:

We are not the same memes

We are not the same

Choking meme 

Choking memes (dedicated to strangulation) came to the Internet from Naruto. And they are still at the top in Generation Z. Now animals also participate in them. The main thing is to find a picture with a funny face and you can make all your followers laugh, share and go viral. Now the meme has migrated to TikTok and you can find content by this hashtag.

Choking meme

Sco pa tu manaa?

This is a slang term that came from Ghanaian rap and can now be found on top memes. The meaning of the phrase is impossible to guess if you are not an expert in Internet slang because even in Ghana it doesn’t mean anything. However, it can often be found on Twitter, Tiktok – but a simple translator will not help you … In posts, it means literally – “What do you think about this?”. The passphrase has gone viral, so add it to your Tweet and get featured.

Sco pa tu manaa?

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